Well I would love to say that this juice fast has been a breeze.... But while it has been easier than I ever thought possible, it hasn't been without its hurdles.
Last weekend I was persuaded to go out to dinner with a group of good friends, I was a little hungry but ordered tonic water and a glass of orange/pineapple juice. It was actually easy being surrounded by huge bowls of pasta and pizza....
The next morning I woke up with a migraine. This has happened to me before, getting my body so clean that the littlest non clean item introduced causes a major reaction. I believe the commercial juice must have had perservative and added sugar.
Lesson learned.
A few days later I had this sudden and intense craving for the pasta I remembered from that night! Took me by surprise .
I was lucky, a friend helped talk me off the ledge... Just by telling me that I could stop the fast. I realized I didn't want to and I definitely didn't want to stop feeling this well.
Then I had some juice and the cravings went away, I had not had enough juice that day.
Another hurdle for me is I had promised my landlord that I would hang around this week to oversee some construction going on at our building. So I have ended up feeling like I am stuck here. I'm bored.
Which for me always propels me to stand in front of an open refrigerator looking.... Just looking.....
Then the obvious stress of everything going on...
Oh, and my car failed to start yesterday. I was planning on stocking up on produce but had no way to get some. I had to have my car towed to the mechanics ... So I broke out my bike and rode to a local market to get a bag of slightly old, incredibly over priced produce. But it's ok, I always forget how much I love riding my bike.
So the benefits I have noticed so far from this juice fast....
Lots of energy (caveat if I drink enough juice and drink enough water in other words , give my body what it needs)
Huge reduction in cravings
No hunger
Soft skin
Sleeping really well
Getting up early with no inclination to sleep in (that's huge for me)
Losing some weight
Clear headed,after my day 3 confusion
Been told I'm glowing

Still aiming for the end of the month

At first when I started my first fast, I was not using forethought as my head was a bit foggy from the toxic food I had been eating for forty years or so. My second attempt has me in the garden before work everyday which is enormous for me. My findings are similar to all others that have braved this path before me. On a side note I now buy produce and compost in bulk. There is not much to this unless I want to take it to a new level. God bless and stay on course.


Day 5 for me. I'm very ungrounded and tend to get confused at times . Directions mostly may just be a guy thing hehe . Other then that all the same benefits that you stated also . Biggest one is I seam to be even more present to my environment . Only one glitch in craving hell for me one of the guys in the lunch room was sitting across from me eating Kentucky fried chicken . I couldn't stop staring at it .


I don't know what a new or higher level could be!?


Yea...learned my lesson on connecting to it. You are doing great Steve!


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