Ok, I am at day 20 and going strong after a weak moment in a Mexican restaurant where I felt the need to smell the basket of chips! Haha
I recently posted an update on fb for my friends who have continued to be interested in my dietary and healing journey.
I've lost 16 pounds so far.
So I've released the weight I gained after my knee reconstruction and my winter fluff!
Lots of encouragement. I was a little taken aback by the amount of private messages I got warning me about what I was doing to my body and questioning the validity of juicing.
Not that I expect everyone to believe and feel the way I do, that's highly unrealistic ... It'd be nice, but it's not going to happen! ; )
It just made me wonder why it's ok to question and comment and question someone's decision to attempt a healthier lifestyle, but yet I have never seen a comment, say on someone's posting of a highly decadent desert or über fattening restaurant meal.
" gee Tom, that pasta carbonara looks extreme and I think it's unhealthy. Where are you getting your macro nutrients from?"
"Sally, you had better stop getting those gourmet cupcakes.... I see diabetes in your future"
"Wow....Edith , you giving your kids hot dogs and chips 4-5 x a week is considered endangering their health...."

In my opinion the above comments are much more constructive and accurate.
Yet most people would never dream of saying any of the above unless it was family or a close friend.
I am pretty much glowing with health right now. But how many people are pale, bloated, broken out, exhausted and weak yet no one would say to them
" ohh.... It's probably what you are putting in your body that's causing your issues"
Yet to someone who is gaing a healthy glow and balance with endless energy and no health issues many many pepe on finding out about either my raw vegan lifestyle or juicing experiment are very quick with
" ooh.... Be careful, you want to give your body what it needs"
(Like what? A double bacon cheeseburger ?)
"I'm worried about you"
(Why? Because the mere fact that my health is disproving your belief system and thus may cause you to have to examine your own beliefs and actions?)

I say it many many times, I am not the raw food nazi, however when people ask, I tend to go on and on because I am hooked. I am a pretty bright girl, I do my research, I experiment to see what works best for me, I know what works for one doesn't mean it's for everyone.
But I am learning what works for me.
I just ask for the respect I give others.
Cucumber, grapefruit, apples and ginger. The froth was even delish!

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