Here are some new pieces I have completed over the winter. Between all the illnesses that webpnt through this house and a very busy work load, there wasn't much time to create. Hoping that this spring brings me an upswing in time, energy and creativity!





Here I am sending off the completed manuscript with the cards to the publisher! Many people are telling me I should feel proud and relieved... Honestly all I feel is anxious that I did a good job ! I know, my issue, get over it!

I've started an etsy shop for my spiritual art. I have been doodling on rocks ( hey, doesn't everyone!?) I am toying with the idea of creating some hand painted runesits early yet...lots of thoughts going on in my little head!


I signed the contract, now it's time to get to work...all the cards are drawn, but in looking at them with fresh eyes, I may want to re draw some of them. This...the lotus is my first re draw.

So which one??


I have seemingly abandoned this blog for a year. I went underground and focused on some day to day necessities. But by doing this I have found that I grew spiritually in some other areas.

Last week I received an unexpected email from Schiffer Publishing. They want to publish my oracle cards and an accompanying book. The next few months are going to be very busy here! I will chronicle the journey here.

This is kind of exciting!


I have a ton of excuses....really, I do!

Recovery was much more exhausting than I thought it would be!

I started a new job

I had a huge life lesson thrown at me...came out the other side a better person!

It's summer, and I've been

So am I forgiven?


I'm thrilled to see how many people are embracing smoothies, raw and juicing as viable components to their daily habits!

I am also encouraged to see how many more, we'll, mainstream types are open to and embracing energy work.

I guess my work here is done!

If that's true, than people will stop coming to me with questions, that hasn't happened yet. All of the energy workers that I know are inundated with people searching for answers. It's all good. They say when your ready, your teacher will appear. I think the opposite is also true. When the teacher is ready, the students will arrive.

In the meantime... There are beaches to get to !

I had surgery a little less than a week ago. Major abdominal surgery. Being in the hospital gave me a new found appreciation for
A. A decent mattress
B. uninterrupted sleep
C. Healthy food

I understandably didn't have an appetite for a few days after the surgery. I knew I needed to start eating if I was ever going to be sprung. The menu for room service in the hospital was straight out of your local pub. Soups, salad bar. Make your own pizza, pasta bar and create your own sandwiches. I couldn't digest lots of salad so I literally felt like there was nothing there for me to eat!
Thankfully my mom was able to bring in some juices I had pre made and froze.
And she also made me some smoothies which they let me keep in the refrigerator.
I am really dismayed at the lack of healthy healing food available to patients. And the room service woman, bless her heart , was pretty much a drug dealer! Calling me 3x a day for my order.
"Are you sure you don't want some bread? Extra butter? Come on, pick a dessert!"
I even tried to get them to make me a smoothie. They have a blender and all the ingredients..... But they wouldn't do it. It was preferable to push lemon meringue pie and processed food.
My tolerance was pretty thin.

Someone needs to start a grass roots champagne for reform for hospital food
Well it's been about 2 weeks since I ended my juice fast and started incorporating food.
I don't like food anymore.
Ha.... I don't really feel nourished. Not like I do when I am juicing. I am still juicing but also incorporating raw healthy foods.
My appetite has greatly diminished and all the cravings are still gone.
I have surgery in a few days and am freezing some fresh organic juice for my recovery.
Happy Mothers Day!
Day 30!
I've been slowing working towards ending my juice fast the last few days. I am thrilled to have done this and I have seen so many positive changes that I know fresh juices will always be a large part of my life.
Here are some hints in case anyone wants to try....
1. Prior to starting cut down on processed food to minimize your detoxing
2. Load up on produce so you have everything you need on hand
3. Look on the Internet for recipes, but once you understand what taste like what... Experiment
4. Drink enough juice
5. Drink enough water
6. Stay close to the bathroom for the first few days!
7. Power through the detox... Don't give up. Understand what the process is. This will give you the knowledge to move through it and understand what's going on
8. Enjoy!
A typical juice
Ok, I am at day 20 and going strong after a weak moment in a Mexican restaurant where I felt the need to smell the basket of chips! Haha
I recently posted an update on fb for my friends who have continued to be interested in my dietary and healing journey.
I've lost 16 pounds so far.
So I've released the weight I gained after my knee reconstruction and my winter fluff!
Lots of encouragement. I was a little taken aback by the amount of private messages I got warning me about what I was doing to my body and questioning the validity of juicing.
Not that I expect everyone to believe and feel the way I do, that's highly unrealistic ... It'd be nice, but it's not going to happen! ; )
It just made me wonder why it's ok to question and comment and question someone's decision to attempt a healthier lifestyle, but yet I have never seen a comment, say on someone's posting of a highly decadent desert or über fattening restaurant meal.
" gee Tom, that pasta carbonara looks extreme and I think it's unhealthy. Where are you getting your macro nutrients from?"
"Sally, you had better stop getting those gourmet cupcakes.... I see diabetes in your future"
"Wow....Edith , you giving your kids hot dogs and chips 4-5 x a week is considered endangering their health...."

In my opinion the above comments are much more constructive and accurate.
Yet most people would never dream of saying any of the above unless it was family or a close friend.
I am pretty much glowing with health right now. But how many people are pale, bloated, broken out, exhausted and weak yet no one would say to them
" ohh.... It's probably what you are putting in your body that's causing your issues"
Yet to someone who is gaing a healthy glow and balance with endless energy and no health issues many many pepe on finding out about either my raw vegan lifestyle or juicing experiment are very quick with
" ooh.... Be careful, you want to give your body what it needs"
(Like what? A double bacon cheeseburger ?)
"I'm worried about you"
(Why? Because the mere fact that my health is disproving your belief system and thus may cause you to have to examine your own beliefs and actions?)

I say it many many times, I am not the raw food nazi, however when people ask, I tend to go on and on because I am hooked. I am a pretty bright girl, I do my research, I experiment to see what works best for me, I know what works for one doesn't mean it's for everyone.
But I am learning what works for me.
I just ask for the respect I give others.
Cucumber, grapefruit, apples and ginger. The froth was even delish!
Well I would love to say that this juice fast has been a breeze.... But while it has been easier than I ever thought possible, it hasn't been without its hurdles.
Last weekend I was persuaded to go out to dinner with a group of good friends, I was a little hungry but ordered tonic water and a glass of orange/pineapple juice. It was actually easy being surrounded by huge bowls of pasta and pizza....
The next morning I woke up with a migraine. This has happened to me before, getting my body so clean that the littlest non clean item introduced causes a major reaction. I believe the commercial juice must have had perservative and added sugar.
Lesson learned.
A few days later I had this sudden and intense craving for the pasta I remembered from that night! Took me by surprise .
I was lucky, a friend helped talk me off the ledge... Just by telling me that I could stop the fast. I realized I didn't want to and I definitely didn't want to stop feeling this well.
Then I had some juice and the cravings went away, I had not had enough juice that day.
Another hurdle for me is I had promised my landlord that I would hang around this week to oversee some construction going on at our building. So I have ended up feeling like I am stuck here. I'm bored.
Which for me always propels me to stand in front of an open refrigerator looking.... Just looking.....
Then the obvious stress of everything going on...
Oh, and my car failed to start yesterday. I was planning on stocking up on produce but had no way to get some. I had to have my car towed to the mechanics ... So I broke out my bike and rode to a local market to get a bag of slightly old, incredibly over priced produce. But it's ok, I always forget how much I love riding my bike.
So the benefits I have noticed so far from this juice fast....
Lots of energy (caveat if I drink enough juice and drink enough water in other words , give my body what it needs)
Huge reduction in cravings
No hunger
Soft skin
Sleeping really well
Getting up early with no inclination to sleep in (that's huge for me)
Losing some weight
Clear headed,after my day 3 confusion
Been told I'm glowing

Still aiming for the end of the month


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