This is the time of year when we are both winding down from the craziness that can be the holidays, and also gearing up for a new year! Making resolutions, cleaning and clearing out to make room for whatever the new year promises to bring! I  just brought 72 items to a local consignment store/ These are items I have been holding onto for years, items that I thought I couldn't live without. Ok, well maybe not...but I wanted them in my life for some reason.  SO many issues we wind up in our things. Sentiment, guilt, neediness.....getting past that and releasing the extra baggage both emotionally and literally feels great. 
Getting there can be quite the journey though. I had to come, in my head, to the place where if I lost EVERYTHING I would be ok. 
And I did go there, and after experiencing the fear and then the sadness, I came out the other side and I was ok.   
I was really ok. And then I started looking at my 'things' differently. Not really attached to them anymore. I appreciated them. I admired some, I like pretty things.....but I didn't NEED  any of them to validate who I was, to tie myself to people I loved or  experiences I have had. 
I was a big step for me. 
I am going to continue this into 2013. 
And (deep breath) one of my resolutions for 2013 is to not buy anything. (caveat....groceries, toiletries and gas) ..I don't NEED anything. This is going to be an exercise to see if I have the self awareness to get to the emotional bottom of any spontaneous 'want' that may come up that is disguised as a 'need'. 

So if any of you see me at the mall...give me a quick kick in the butt!

I will be the first to admit that around the holidays I am as tempted as everyone else. Maybe more so. 
Sometimes I even give in. 
Sometimes I regret it. And sometimes I dont. 
Most of the times my veers off of the raw food path  serve to help me re commit to eating a much more vibrant and healthy way. 
I guess I just need to be reminded every so often what processed "food" does to my body.  The trick is not  getting all caught up in the regret. The feelings of failure. There is no failure if you can accept and learn from what you have done. If you can learn something about yourself then there are no regrets. 
Just lessons. 
So maybe the Needhams that I keep snacking on are a BIG lesson for me! 
One can only hope.
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Wishing you all a great 2013!

Well, I finished my deck of 44 Oracle Cards. I am in the process of writing up the meanings and descriptions of them, its all in my head, I just have to slow down enough so I can put it on paper! On January 5th I will be teaching a class on making your own oracle deck at the yurt, The Sacred Healing Grove in Mason NH> 
here is what is on Steve Wilsons website on the class..

Create Your Own Oracle Cards with Michelle Johnson
Saturday, January 5, 2013
1:00 - 3:30 pm
Learn about the colorful History of Oracle Decks and how to use them in divination.  Michelle Johnson, Intuitve Artist, will guide you through the process of creating your own personal Oracle Deck that will resonate with you on a deep personal level, and touch you like no other deck can. You will leave with the beginnings of a personal deck. No art experience or talent necessary. All materials provided. If you have art supplies you prefer to use, feel free to bring them along!  To see examples of Michelle's work and to learn more about her, check out her website at: http://michellejohnsontransform.weebly.com
Cost:  $20.00


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